Thursday, March 7, 2013


(This is an older post which I have moved from another blog of mine...hope you like reading it)

Bagdogra is popularly known as 'Gateway to the East'. This place is supposedly a central point to go to various tourist places like Darjeeling, Mirik, Gangtok, Kalimpong and many more.

We haven't explored these places as yet, but Bagdogra by itself is turning out to be a paradise - a paradise of feathered beauties. Yes, the birds I have seen here are amazing. Haven't really been a bird-watcher till now, but I am really turning out to be one!

Couple of months back when we moved here(yes, bag and baggage and trunks!), I thought the trees here looked different. They are huge, tall and kind of mossy(it was raining during the first month of our arrival). Soon, I noticed these tall trees attracted quite a few birds.

Photo by Rhea Purvi
One day, from far I saw a black vase placed on a compound wall surrounding a park.I thought I hadn't seen it before and wondered who the crazy person was who had placed it there! Then, as I walked closer, I realized that the vase had wings! Yes, the big vase flew showcasing its beautiful black and white feathers, as I stood gaping at it. As I knew he hadn't gone far, I walked along with my daughter to the place where we might find him. Stealthily we moved, both on tip toes, whispering excitedly and desperately hoping to find him. Then we saw them! Not one, but two great birds sitting on a plank under a low roof. They both eyed us as we eyed them. That's when I noticed how big they were. Black and white coloured with huge yellow beaks, they looked awesome. Those few seconds they looked at us will remain in my memory forever. Since then I have started walking with my eyes mostly looking up searching and longing for a sight among the trees or in the sky!

Later, googling, we found out that they could be either Malabar Pied Hornbills or the Oriental Pied Hornbills- still haven't figured out the right name.

Apart from these huge ones visiting now and then, there are plenty more beauties to write about. One at a time.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beautiful Birds on Valentine's Day

Day-before yesterday, I saw a couple of beautiful birds right in front of our house. I live in a place where there are plenty of birds, in fact a variety of birds. So,its no surprise, but to see a pair of black-hooded orioles is no simple joy. They are such lovely birds that you wish you could watch them forever. Their bright yellow plumage contrasting with their black head is a sight to see. It is difficult not to love these birds.
Their voice is so unique and very pleasant to the ears. It seems more like a deep whistle and to me it feels as though they are calling me!

Black-hooded Orioles
Photo by Rhea Purvi

Though they are brightly colored, they move so fast it is difficult to spot them. But, yesterday it wasn't the case. They were right in front of my face for more than ten minutes. Though they were moving among the branches of the tree, they weren't very far and they weren't hidden.

I think those beautiful few minutes were nature's gift to me on valentine's day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


This World is a beautiful paradise unraveling the scenes and the colors as the veil of mist passes by. The crystal clear sky to the rippling reflections in clear blue waters is nothing but gifts that please the eye as well as the heart of every human being.
This paradise is full of splendor and beauty. I believe we get gifts on a daily basis from this paradise of ours. All you have to do is to stop, listen and look around. The gifts are in your garden, in your backyard, all lying as hidden treasures. All you have to do is look for them. The squirrels, the butterflies, the insects...all have some story to tell you or something to show you.

This paradise is pleasing to me and my whole effort will be to please this paradise in return.

A Small Poem:
The flowers and the feathered beauties add color to my life
The mist and the mountains seem so nice.
The streams and the sunrise bring cheer to my day
For the dewdrops and the drizzles I do not have to pay.